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Two longtime friends, Paul Kiledjian, a high school math teacher and Armen Mouradian, a U.S. Army veteran, realized the need for a ROI focused, technology driven, meticulous investment property management company. RentalHouse has diligently mapped out all the intricacies of managing real estate gleaned from a combined 35 years of experience managing over 350 units, comprised of personally owned and investor owned properties. RentalHouse is dedicated to making management decisions based on maximizing return without neglecting tenant customer service, while addressing the realities serious owners and investors face. Contact us today to discuss how we can serve you to achieve your real estate goals!

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The RentalHouse Difference

We Optimize ROI with Strategic Property Management Service Packages in Glendale and Surrounding Areas.

The Stability Package

The Stability Package is designed for investors who want an active role in executing their big picture strategy on their own time, without being interrupted by tenants’ maintenance requests.

Our foundational package ensures your property’s repair needs are met. Wel address tenants’ maintenance requests 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Insured vendors minimize your risk exposure, and vendors are licenced as required by law. We do not overpay for repairs and never take kickbacks from our vendors. We effectively communicate with your tenants throughout the repair process because updating tenants decreases tenants’ frustration, which ultimately translates to increased occupancy rates leading to increased ROI.

Additionally, we collect rent and provide owners with detailed rental market analysis to determine market rental rates. Owners receive monthly itemized statements and both owners and tenants get personalized online portals.

We fill vacancies quickly with our complete leasing services at a cost of half a month’s rent per vacancy.

Never again be frustrated with the process of addressing repair requests.

The Leverage Package

The Leverage Package is designed for investors who want to stay involved in the lease renewal process, tenant relations, and coordinating larger construction projects if needed. Our proactive role addresses your property’s appearance and physical performance.

In addition to everything in the Stability Package, this collection of services includes coordinating preventative maintenance monthly upkeep, performing bimonthly exterior inspections, and annual interior inspections.. Small maintenance needs do not become large expensive repairs. Potential liabilities are corrected before they cause injury. Tenants enjoy living in an upkept property, so your investment commands higher rents and increased occupancy rates.

We fill vacancies quickly with our complete leasing services at a cost of half a month’s rent per vacancy.

Leverage these property oversight services to grow your real estate portfolio by prioritizing your core competencies.

The Compass Package

The Compass Package is designed for investors who want to coordinate larger construction projects if needed.

In addition to what we provide in our Stability and Leverage packages, our Compass Package guides investors to maximize their return on investment. We advise you on capital improvement opportunities to command higher rents and force appreciation.

We execute lease-end procedures including lease renewals to increase occupancy rates, and continually improve leases to keep up with changing regulations and property specific issues that arise, to minimize your risk exposure. We also conduct move-out inspections to identify and recuperate damage repair costs, and identify rent ready needs to minimize vacancy loss.
We actively monitor and address lease violations to facilitate respectful relationships among neighboring tenants. And we proactively engage tenants who fall behind on rent to help bring their accounts current to mitigate against costly evictions.

We fill vacancies quickly with our complete leasing services at a cost of half a month’s rent per vacancy.

With the Compass Package, your investments are always headed in the right direction.

The Freedom Package

The Freedom Package is for investors who want us to handle every detail of managing their investment property. We do everything in the previous three packages, and our complete leasing services are included at no additional cost. When a vacancy is approaching, we assess rent ready needs, promptly schedule vendors, and ensure your unit is rent ready quickly, to minimize vacancy loss and expenses. After advice is given, if requested, we coordinate capital improvements such as updating bathrooms, kitchens, painting exterior, or installing new HVAC systems to command higher rents and force appreciation.

We market your home with professional photography, personal showings, and thoroughly vet applicants to attract and retain only the most trustworthy tenants. In the unlikely scenario where an eviction is necessary, we will coordinate with an attorney to facilitate the eviction. And we will be there if insured damage occurs at the property that needs our immediate attention.

Choose our Freedom Package and enjoy the benefits of turnkey real estate investing.

17:11 21 May 24
I had a fantastic experience with Rental House Property Managment.Their personalized service and attention to detail are unmatched. They are incredibly responsive and always ready to help with any issues. The properties they manage are well-maintained and their transparent communication makes everything easy. I highly recommend them for anyone seeking top-notch property management services!Whether you’re a property owner looking for reliable management or a tenant seeking a well-maintained place to live, RentalHouse Property Management is the company to trust. Their exceptional service and dedication to excellence truly set them apart in the industry.
James GrantJames Grant
23:38 17 May 24
We were moving into the area from Maine and Paul went above and beyond to make sure we got a rental we were excited about. From a video tour of the house before, excellent communication throughout and thorough walk through photos - Paul made us feel supremely confident about moving into an amazing property.
Jeremiah NersissianJeremiah Nersissian
01:06 12 May 24
Armen and his team are very easy to work with. I am a plumber that has worked along side them on the field. They are super easy to communicate with. I highly recommend using them for any of your properties needs.
Stephen EnloeStephen Enloe
23:47 30 Apr 24
Paul and the team do great work. Really appreciate their service. Whole experience was a breeze.
Garrison HopperGarrison Hopper
23:37 30 Apr 24
Fantastic attention to detail took care of everything. Amazing Customer service I highly recommend.
Katie MataKatie Mata
16:04 11 Apr 24
RentalHouse Property Management was very helpful and I was able to sign a lease for my dream apartment. The communication was absolutely on point when it came to the move in process. They are very helpful with any questions that I have and they always get back to me in a timely manner. I am so excited to be a tenant for RentalHouse Property Management 😊
Elijah Aaron JerjerianElijah Aaron Jerjerian
18:48 19 Jan 24
Paul was excellent in his written and verbal communication. He was eager to help teach me about the rental market in Los Angeles and set realistic expectations about the rental income we would be able to generate. He was honest and was willing to point me in the right direction if his team didn't have the ability to meet our needs. Can't recommend this team more.
R B (R. B.)R B (R. B.)
00:15 12 Jan 24
As landlords, my wife and I have utilized the extremely professional services of RentalHouse Property Management for several years now.We have been so impressed with their knowledge base about tenant & landlord laws through three separate rental agreements. They are excellent communicators and extremely attentive to our needs.We always feel like RHPM caters to their clientele “boutique style” with attention to detail, something I really appreciate and value as a Veteran, not to mention the fact that they are a Veteran owned business.We always get quick responses and replies, even one time in particular dealing with an emergency, just an affirmation of them caring about us and our investment property.We give the highest recommendation!RB

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