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RentalHouse Lease-Only Services

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Steps to Faster, More Effective Leasing

The cost for this leasing-only service is half a month’s rent.

Rental Market Analysis

The right rental value is the perfect starting point. We use our data and our experience to study what competing properties are renting for and the traction their listings are getting. We consider what yours has to offer, and we arrive at a price that we believe will get your unit leased within 30 days to a trustworthy tenant. You can choose to go with our recommended rental rate or set your own. 

Online Listings

Professional write-ups are descriptive and rental details are helpful in answering prospective tenants’ questions. Once we have all relavent details with the right photos, we publish your listing across all the most popular rental websites that tenants are using, including Zillow and

Professional Photography

What will prospective tenants look at first when they come across your rental ad? They’ll scroll through your photos. That’s why we invest in professional photography that is edited appropriately to showcase the best features of your rental property. We consistently outperform our competition in presenting properties to immediately grab renters’ attention.

Responsive Showings

Interested tenants will contact us and we’ll schedule and coordinate showings. Our process turns visitors into applicants and applicants into tenants. We’ll answer questions, provide support to complete applications, and help potential tenants see the value in your rental property.


RentalHouse Tenant Placement and Leasing

Streamlined Applications

Tenants apply online, uploading copies of their IDs, their banking and income documents, and paying the application fee electronically. Plaid gives us the ability to pull income and rent payment history directly from applicants’ bank accounts. We facilitate the entire process.

Screening Tenants

Our technology allows us to screen tenants quickly and consistently, following all fair housing laws. We verify credit, income, bank balance history, rental payment history, criminal, and eviction histories. We check for debt in collections and recent credit inquiries. We talk to past landlords to get references. In the current rental law environment, ensuring we place trustworthy tenants is of utmost importance. You choose whether you would like us to approve an applicant or whether you would like to approve an applicant yourself.

Lease Execution

Your lease will be legally compliant and legally enforceable in the state of California. It includes all the necessary disclosures and is written to protect you and your property.

We collect the move-in funds, gather the signed lease agreement, and turn the property and the tenant over to you. Alternatively, we can continue to manage your property and the leasing fee will be credited toward future management fees.

Onboarding Steps


If you are unsure which Package is right for you, complete a Services Checklist and we will advise you accordingly. 

Step 1: 

Complete the Management Agreement that corresponds to the Package you would like to go with. Just request a link! 

Step 2:  

After you complete a Management Agreement, we will send you your Onboarding Worksheet to complete, to gather basic information about the property and your preferences. The Onboarding Worksheet also contains a short to-do list for new clients.  

If there currently is no vacancy, then Onboarding is complete!

If there currently is a vacancy, continue with the following steps:

Step 3:

We will attach a lockbox to your property. Leave the entrance keys for the vacant unit in the lockbox, and leave all additional keys for the property in the vacant unit. Please label all keys. Inform us the unit is rent-ready and we will come take marketing photos and edit them.

NOTE: If we see the unit is not rent-ready per our standards we will inform you the unit is not rent-ready and then you can choose to either continue to Step 4 or do further work to get your unit rent ready.

OPTIONAL SERVICE: If you would like guidance on what items to address to get your unit rent-ready, we offer a video walk-through service. We identify and provide recommendations on all items that should be addressed to get your unit rent-ready. The cost is $0.35/sqft. Contact us to purchase this service or to see an example video from another property.

Step 4:

Management services begin for the vacant unit! We will do a market analysis and advise you on a pricing strategy based on the condition and amenities of your unit. Our pricing strategy is the strategy we believe will get your unit leased within 30 days and attract trustworthy tenants. You can choose to go with our recommended pricing strategy or choose your own. We then create online listings, and start showing your property to renters.

Step 5:

Renters apply. You can choose for us to analyze applications, contact references, and approve/decline applicants ourselves (recommended) or you can choose to analyze applications, contact references, and approve/decline applicants yourself. 

Step 6:

We inform an approved applicant they have been approved and send them the lease to sign electronically. If the approved applicant signs the lease and submits move-in funds, we then countersign the lease and forward the funds to you, less our leasing fee (half-month’s rent). We continue showing the unit to renters, accept applications, and approve/decline applicants until a lease is signed and move-funds are paid.

Step 7:

Depending on your service package, we do a move-in inspection, transfer keys to the new tenant, and continue managing the property. The leasing fee will be credited toward future management fees for the Freedom Package. 

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The cost for this leasing-only service is half a month's rent.

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