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Maintenance and Repairs

We understand maintenance issues happen, so our team is available 24/7. Whether you’re dealing with a leaky faucet or a broken gas line, from routine maintenance to emergency repairs, our prompt support guarantees your tenants’ satisfaction and the proper maintenance and protection of your investment.

Tenant Screening

When you work with us, we help you find qualified applicants while complying with California’s fair housing laws. Each potential candidate goes through a comprehensive background check that screens for their credit scores, rental payment history, eviction history, credit score, and employment verification.

Reduced Vacancy Rates

Our leasing process is designed to deliver quality tenants while keeping vacancy rates low. Once your property is under our care, we’ll prepare your property for the rental market, perform any necessary repairs, and handle all marketing and showings.

Rent Collection

We’ve made it easy for landlords to collect rent through our online owner portal. Our portal also gives landlords peace of mind by allowing them to track the full scale of their property’s operations. This includes financial reporting, inspection details, and invoices.

Why Work With Us?

Experience, expertise, and flexibility.

With over 35 combined years in the La Cañada Flintridge market, we make it easy for landlords to get a positive ROI from their property while taking work off of their hands.

We know that no two investment properties are exactly alike, and neither are investors. Our service packages offer flexibility, with varied pricing packages based on your budget, needs, and financial goals.

How Landlords Benefit From Working With Us

Our approach to property management focuses on maximizing your return on investment so you can earn more while spending less. We implement technology-driven strategies that eliminate the challenges of La Cañada Flintridge property management and protect your investment for your continued financial growth and success.

We want to see you and your investment succeed, and part of that success relies on keeping your unit appealing to tenants. If you need help deciding what changes to make to your property, call us. We’ll conduct a detailed walkthrough and provide video analysis with recommendations on the renovations and capital improvements that could fill your vacancy more quickly and help you get the most from your investment. 

From our scheduling app to our tenant and owner portals, the software we use acts as a database that lets us stay connected. With our phone system, any message you send us goes to all members of our team simultaneously so we can remedy your concerns as efficiently as possible.

When tenants call us with maintenance requests, we try to resolve their problems over the phone before dispatching our maintenance team out to the unit so that we can save you money. Maximizing your returns is also all about minimizing risk, so we keep a detailed record of your unit’s condition from the beginning of the tenancy and conduct thorough move-out inspections to recuperate damage repair costs and monitor lease violations to facilitate respectful relationships.


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We Can Answer Your Questions about Property Management

How soon can you start managing my rental property?

We can begin managing your property as soon as you are ready. We’ll start with a consultation call to determine if we are a good match for your needs. After that, we’ll send you a contract and begin our management services once we have gathered all the information for onboarding your property.

I have existing vendors that I use to service my properties. Can you continue to use my vendors?

Yes. If you have preferred vendors, we can use them.

Do you manage individual condominium units and single-family homes?

Yes, we do. However, we do not manage HOAs.

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