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24/7 Repairs & Maintenance

We guarantee a swift response of all maintenance requests, no matter the hour. Our dedicated support team operates around the clock to ensure your tenants’ maintenance concerns are addressed promptly. Our maintenance team saves money, keeps you and your tenants stress-free, and protects your property’s long-term condition.

Compliant Leasing Services

We ensure that your North Hollywood property’s lease agreements are legally compliant with California’s housing laws. Our expert team carefully follows federal and state regulations regarding rent adjustments, tenant oversight, eviction procedures, and security deposit management.

Thorough Tenant Screening Process

At RentalHouse Property Management, we assist you in securing top-tier tenants for your North Hollywood rental property through our thorough screening process, which fully complies with fair housing laws. Our extensive background checks include evaluations of eviction history, credit scores, employment and rental track records, criminal backgrounds, and financial stability to ensure the highest quality tenants.

Easy to Use Online Tenant Portal

For increased convenience to our clients, we embrace technology-driven solutions to help you manage tenants with ease in North Hollywood. Our online tenant portals allow for accessible rent collection, instant updates, and seamless communication.

We Are North Hollywood’s Top Choice for Property Management

Investing in a rental property in North Hollywood can be highly profitable, especially with a skilled property management team to help optimize your rental’s ROI.

RentalHouse Property Management utilizes a unique approach to help you achieve the highest possible returns on your investment. Our strategies are driven by technology and aimed at maximizing your ROI, all while maintaining a high level of professionalism. 

Why Choose Us

Experience. Expertise. Flexibility.

These three distinguishing characteristics set us apart from competitors, allowing us to deliver unrivaled property management services to property owners in North Hollywood

Our distinct approach stems from years of local experience, allowing us to anticipate and resolve property needs proactively. We empower clients to build successful real estate portfolios by offering tailored service bundles and expert guidance from our team of property management experts and trusted contractors.

With RentalHouse Property Management, you benefit from our deep understanding of the North Hollywood market and our commitment to delivering reliable property management solutions.

From helping you reduce vacancy rates to managing maintenance nightmares, we have all your needs covered. We offer various packages that are flexible with your investment goals, your involvement, and your budget.

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RentalHouse Property Management Service Areas

RentalHouse Serves Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas


We Can Answer Your Questions about Property Management

Do You Offer Discounts On Your Property Management Services?

Yes! Our property management packages start at 0.9% for properties with nine or more units and for landlords with portfolios of at least 25 units. This includes any combination of property types.

Are You a Licensed Property Management Company?

Yes. We are proud to be a licensed business in California. 

DRE License #02140502

Do You Manage Commercial Properties in North Hollywood, CA?

We manage commercial real estate that includes residential dwellings. However, we do not manage commercial properties, including offices, retail, and spaces designed for commercial activities.

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